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Professional experience

Unannounced AAA-project

Junior Technical Level Designer at Climax Studios.
Working on an ambitious AAA game.

  • Prototyping world objects and player abilities

  • Designing areas and puzzles utilizing those mechanics

  • Technical Design Documentation


Personal projects

Puzzle platform prototype

When I studied game design at Skurups Folkhögskola, I made this game prototype as my last exam. It is a short level made in Game Maker 2 which I'm very proud of. The player have to jump between two different levels to get through challenging obstacles and puzzles.

Project details
  • 4 weeks full time

  • Game design combined with puzzle and level design

    • Two maps combined in to one level​

  • Scripted the game in GML

    • Character and movement​

    • Switch between two maps with the press of a button

    • Menu and respawn system

  • Feel free to download it (link by pressing the icon to the right) and give it a try


A few pictures from assignments at The Game Assembly

A collection of screenshots I'm proud of

Group projects

Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

These games run on Unity and our own game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.

Skärmbild (152).png

Project 8

Not Yet Announced

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