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"Traverse down the ancient construct, reach the core while harnessing the light."


About the project


Type of game - Mobile puzzle game

Project length - 6 weeks halftime
Engine - Unity
Editor - Unity
Reference game - Lara Croft Go

What I contributed with:

Level design
Game design

The team


Emelie Bettoschi
Daniel Fornell


David Axelsson
Elin Ekelöw
Simon Grefbäck
Bastian Helly-Hansen S



Niklas Alquist
Brian Diep
Max Hartnell
Erik Jerpander
Neo Nemeth
Alexander Rosendahl


Level Design

Christoffer Carlsvärd
Aleksander Bjelovuk


The process and my thoughts on the project


In this project we continued to work in Unity, but we made a puzzle game for mobile platforms. I'm proud of how me and Aleks puzzles turned out. I feel like we managed to get a good and cohesive progression and difficulty curve for the acts. We were provided with a robust set of tools from the team to block out and playtest our puzzles. I also started to create a template for an LDD that I've used through all projects including 'things to keep in mind' when making a specific game with tips from articles, analyses and showcases from example GDC.

This project took place during a covid shutdown so we as a team had to communicate from home. It took some getting used to but we manage to set up a good structure for communication in order to make things work.

As I bonus I got the opportunity to make the soundtrack for the game. I used Logic to record and master the track.


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