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"Find your way back home through the dangerous woods."


About the project


Type of game - Adventure game

Project length - 8 weeks halftime
Engine - TGE
Editor - The teams own editor
Reference game - Hyper Light Drifter

What I contributed with:

Level design
Game design

The team


Jonas Berggren
Jacob Fransson


Albin Bång
Malin Fröjd
Kate Ekberg
Sebastian Schaffer


Casper Bengtsson
Erik Neuman
Simon Igelström
Oskar Sönne
Erik Jerpander

Level Design

Christoffer Carlsvärd
Vincent Karagöz


The process and my thoughts on the project


This project means a lot to me. Hyper Light Drifter is one of my absolute favourite games so I wanted to honor that with my level design as much as I could. From the start I had a very clear vision about how my two levels would play out. And very rarely have it happen to me that my original sketches are so alike the final iteration. They played out good and had a great flow and encourage exploration with taking detours that strung back to the main path in an easy to follow way. 


A big chunk of time in this project went to collision design, placing custom collision boxes on the environment and the gaps between the platforms. I also spend a good amount of time developing the editor for this project. And it was during this project that side of game development really clicked for me. 


Lastly I worked with balancing through json files to make the character feel good to control together with the programmers.  


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