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"Since you messed up your magic spell, you are now stuck in a shadow realm and have to use your three orbs of power in order to get past the creatures that guard the exit."


About the project


Type of game - Schmup

Project length - 8 weeks halftime
Engine - TGA2D
Editor - Tiled
Reference game - Task Force Kampas

What I contributed with:

Level design
Game design

The team


Arvid Aspeborg
Moa Bergman


Anes Sabanovic
Sebastian Schaffer
Felicia Johansson
Max Kock



Ventus Andersson
Niklas Fredriksson
Max Hartnell
Ivar Jönsson
Henrik Park
Carl Uvebrant


Level Design

Elias Carlsson
Christoffer Carlsvärd


The process and my thoughts on the project


This is one of the project I'm the most proud of. It is super fun to play and the overall experience is great. The whole team created a really solid product from start to finish. Me and Elias blocked out enemy spawns in tiled using a bunch of patterns we had come up with earlier and included in out extensive LDD. We exported our levels to our on engine and tested them out there. We also created projectile patterns for the player and enemies. 

I feel like we manage to hit the sweet spot between a challenging but fair and fun game. A great effort from the entire team. In this project I got to sit down with balanci
ng, which I enjoy doing. To make all values work well together and justify why.


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