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"As a kofish, navigate tranquil yet dangerous rivers on yout mythological journey to ascension."


About the project

What I contributed with:

Level design
Game design


Type of game - Endless swimmer

Project length - 6 weeks halftime
Engine - Unity
Editor - Unity
Reference game - Race the Sun

The team


Tanya Bengtsson
Jonas Berggren


Kate Ekberg
Elin Ekelöw
Malin Fröjd


Brian Diep
Benjamin Ek
Kevin Fredin
Niklas Fredriksson
Patrik Fridh
Elin Granath

Level Design

Christoffer Carlsvärd

Vanessa Grundström

Vincent Karagöz


The process and my thoughts on the project


This was our very first project at TGA. So a huge part of it went into learning the process of making a game together, how to plan it, work with sprint goals and be as agile as possible. We got to get acquainted with Perforce and try to figure out how to best make use of it. 


I made the second to last level of the game. I blocked it out in Unity and then replaced the blocks with art made by the team. My goal for the level was for it to increase the difficulty curve with pin point accurate jumps. When looking at it in retrospect I can see that I definately took it a bit too far. 


I had a lot of fun making this. I learned a ton about the process of making a game, what can go wrong and things that we did well. 

Project showreel
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