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Puzzle platform prototype

When I studied game design at Skurups Folkhögskola, I made this game prototype as my last exam. It is a short level made in Game Maker 2 which I'm very proud of. The player have to jump between two different levels to get through challenging obstacles and puzzles.

Project details
  • 4 weeks full time

  • Game design combined with puzzle and level design

    • Two maps combined in to one level​

  • Scripted the game in GML

    • Character and movement​

    • Switch between two maps with the press of a button

    • Menu and respawn system

  • Feel free to download it (link by pressing the icon to the right) and give it a try

  • Playthrough of the prototype


The goal for the level design was to ease the player into using the world switching mechanic to progress. Each sections serves as a mini puzzle from which you learn and adapt to overcome the ramping up in difficulty. 

The player is persistent acrossthe two worlds with a fast and seamless switch of levels and scenery. Low cost assets make the switch possible without noticing a hitch or slight delays. 

A little bit about the prototype

Wanted to create a heartfelt adventure with simple yet challenging mechanics in pixelated graphics, inspired by
Celeste and Titanfall 2's iconic time shifting mission 'Effect and Cause'.

The character is hand drawn and animated frame by frame in Piskel. Besides the movement, world switching and custom gravity I also spend time trying to set up the parallax background and sprite direction flipping. Everything is written in GML Code (GameMakers proprietary scripting language).


This is the first feature complete prototype I created by myself, back in 2020. I was completely new to game engines, design principles and programming. I'm proud of how much I learned during the project, and how much if it I still apply on a daily basis. 

It gave me a great foundation and curiosity to build upon. I would love to revisit this one day and take it a bit further. 
Feel free to watch the quick playthrough below.

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