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Spite: Crowstorm

"Summoned by a ritual, you must destroy the hordes infesting the swamp. Slash, screech, and call upon crow storms to lay waste to your enemies."


About the project

What I contributed with:

Level design
Game design


Type of game - ARPG

Project length - 14 weeks halftime
Engine - LLL (Our own)
Editor - Unreal Engine
Reference game - Diablo 3

The team


Tanya Bengtsson
Jack Thell Malmberg
Elias Runelid

Level Design

Christoffer Carlsvärd
Mina Mirhosseini
Tilde Persson


William Holster
Philip Tingberg
Mirjam Hildahl
Victor Ek
Daniel Gryningstjerna



Joakim Larsson
Zoe Thysell
Niklas Fredriksson
Erik Ljungman
Neo Nemeth
Semi Asani
Simon Igelström


Tech Art

Malte Hedenström
Frode Ödéhn
Sara Ekstam


The process and my thoughts on the project


This was the first project of year 2 at TGA. We are now a much larger group the the project length last the entire semester. The team are making our own engine and editor all from scratch. But we Level Designers are blocking out the levels in Unreal while the programmers build our engine with the plan for us to do everything in LLL for the next project. We export our levels to our own engine and place the enemies and playtest there. 

In this project I worked closely with two of the programmers to make a dynamic boss fight and an arena that works well together with the bosses mechanics of locking parts of it with AoE attacks. I think it turned out pretty well. It went through a bunch of different iterations to fit the encounter and gameplay experience. 

The remaining time of the project I responsibility of balancing the player and the enemies. I took me awhile to do since every small change can have a huge domino effect when it comes to balancing. But I think I managed to balance it well, both when it comes to damage outputs and to give some sense of progression. 

Project showreel
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